Connecting with Children and Young People: contributing to change

Date(s) - June 2 - 2018 until June 3 - 2018
9:45 am - 4:00 pm

Brownlow House


A chance to explore our ability to empathise with ourselves and with the children in our lives, and to better equip ourselves to sustain challenging conversations and interactions while remaining powerfully centred, creative and connected within ourselves.
Build trust and connection. Learn how to shift from a paradigm of demands, rewards and consequences – to a paradigm of self-responsibility, connection, trust, mutual support and interdependence.

You will:
– Learn more about the NVC approach to respectful connection with young people
– Understand your own needs so you can choose how to respond
– Express yourself so you’re heard and respected
– Know how to hear the “Yes” in your child’s “No”
– Explore motivating without blame, the threat of punishment or the promise of reward
– Move beyond power struggles by transforming your habitual responses
– Set clear limits without using demands or coercion
– Understand how a different approach to parenting and education is at the heart of social change
– Empower young people to open up, co-operate, and realise their full potential.
– Create outstanding, lifelong relationships with the children in your life.
– Share the gifts of compassion, connection and choice

Open to all
Completion of an NVC Foundation Training will be helpful but not essential.

What are the benefits?

Empathise with yourself and the children in your life
Sustain challenging conversations and interactions
Shift from a paradigm of demands, rewards and punishment
Understand your own needs so you can choose how to respond
Know how to hear the “Yes” in your child’s “No”
Understand how a NVC relates to social change
Renew and improve your NVC skills
Share the experiences you’ve had applying NVC in your life

Event Categories:
Advanced, Anyone, Beginners, Intermediate, Parenting & Family Events, Trainings & Workshops

Laura Harvey
07986 581952

Pricing Information
£185 for individuals (negotiable for those prevented from coming by cost) £250 for people for self-employed and those for whom the fee is tax deductible £295/£370 for people paid for by their organisation.
How to Book
Email Laura at for a booking form or more information Or text your email to 07986 581952 with a message.
Brownlow House – Excellent economical accommodation available on site
St. Mary’s Road
Oxford, Oxon OX4 1RU

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