You can find out more about Nonviolent communication by clicking on the following links:

The Centre for Nonviolent CommunicationThe Centre for Nonviolent Communication is a global organisation whose vision is “a world where all people are getting their needs met and resolving their conflicts peacefully. In this vision people are communicating non-violently to create and participate in networks of worldwide life-serving systems in economics, education, justice, healthcare and peace-keeping”.

CNVC links trainers, organisers and supporters in thirty-five countries, working with people from all walks of life.

There is now a search option on the website where you can find trainings in the UK and elsewhere led by certified trainers. There are also e-groups you can join and information on NVC worldwide.

Resources/publishing for NVC: Site includes information about Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC and an online shop.

NVC in the UK: Information about certified Nonviolent Communication trainers working in the UK.

NVC UK social network: This is a social network for people in the UK who are interested in learning and living the process of Nonviolent Communication.


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