Nonviolent Communication Training
offers teachers, parents & students


creating safety
fostering cooperation
improving performance
reducing and resolving conflict
rediscovering the joy of learning
 Nonviolent Communication Trainings
are designed to meet the needs of your staff team, pupils & community


“In Tameside Metropolitan Borough, NVC training has been delivered throughout the senior management team in the revised Services for Children and Young People and further promoted by the Behaviour and Education Support Team. Feedback has been extremely positive and several workers have stated that “the training has changed their lives and that they now look at things completely differently.” Head Teachers, SENCo’s, Learning Mentors, Teaching Assistants and professionals from CAMHS, Social Care and Health, Education Welfare, Educational Psychology, The Police and the Youth Service have joined together to work through the Foundation Training, and apply the tools in an interdisciplinary context.

It is our experience that NVC improves self-care within what can be a high-pressure and sometimes debilitating environment. Learning the process increases connection and understanding between teams and enables difficult but necessary discussions to take place with directness, honesty and respect.”

Jackie Lydon, Behaviour and Education Support Team Coordinator.