Date(s) - September 17 - 2022 until September 18 - 2022
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Brownlow House, Oxford


Transforming Conflict: 17-18 September

At this Deepening the Foundation training you will:

  • Learn more about the NVC approach to inner and external conflict
  • Remain centred when in conflict with others
  • Have plenty of practice in using the process with your own conflict situations
  • Explore the Inner Conflict “dance floor”
  • Use the 13 Steps “dance floor” to support yourself in conflict with others
  • Practise staying connected to yourself during conflict, and when you or others feel hurt, sad or scared
  • Understand and use connection requests
  • Renew and improve the skills learnt in the Foundation Training
  • Develop your colloquial NVC

Minimum preparation: Completion of 2 day NVC Foundation Training with a CNVC Certified Trainer.

How to Book: Email Laura at for a booking form or more information Or text your email to 07986 581952 with a message.

Training fees:  

£195 for individuals (negotiable for those prevented from coming by cost)

£250 for people who are sole traders or voluntary organisations

£295 for people paid for by public sector organisations

£380 for private sector organisations

Organiser: Laura Harvey
Phone:  07986 581952

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