Date(s) - October 18 - 2014 until October 19 - 2014
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Brownlow House


Continue to deepen you learning and increase accuracy in this practical process for communicating effectively and compassionately in challenging situations in your home, work and community.

Preparation: Completion of a Foundation Training with a certified trainer.

Deepening the Foundation Trainings, consolidate the learning of the Foundation and introduce new skills and techniques for core areas of practice: Empathy, Conflict and Anger. There is a different deepening for each subject.

Practising Empathy:
– Learn more about the NVC approach to connecting empathically
– Apply to your self and then to others
– Discover the healing power of presence
– Practise “whole sense” listening
– Explore the Self-Empathy “dance floor”
– Renew and improve the skills learnt in the Foundation Training

High quality, low cost B&B accommodation is available at this venue. There are five single rooms and one double.

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