Date(s) - February 24 - 2018 until February 25 - 2018
9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Brownlow House


Self empathy is the foundation for our ability to empathise with others, and to sustain a challenging conversation. It also is a powerful way to remain centred, creative and connected within ourselves, whatever is happening in our life.

At this training you will:

•Learn more about connecting empathically with yourself and others
•Identify your habitual response patterns
•Practise “whole sense” listening
•Learn the Self-Empathy “dance floor”
•Renew and improve the skills learnt on the Foundation
•Understand the purpose of connection requests
•Develop your colloquial NVC
•Practise staying connected to yourself during conflict, and when you or others feel hurt, sad or scared
•Discover the healing power of presence

Minimum preparation: Completion of 2 day NVC Foundation Training

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