Date(s) - April 26 - 2014
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Brownlow House


Open-Hearted Living

Fluency-building days, which work with live examples and key NVC concepts to deepen the group’s understanding and experience of interdependence, choice and the “power with” paradigm.

Opening our hearts with an intention of compassion towards ourselves and others requires a level of vulnerability which is unfamiliar at first. These day-long workshops acknowledge the risks involved in living compassionately and allow participants to develop the inner skills and resilience needed to move towards fluency.

You will also discover how to work more effectively with the judgements you direct at yourself or at others, and how to contribute to the co-creation of each programme.

These sessions of reflection and resourcing are designed for practising skills learned in the Deepening and Foundation Trainings. Each date stands on its own although participants benefit hugely from developing community over different sessions too.

Preferred preparation: Completion of Foundation Training and a Deepening/ the Living NVC Module/ or a number of 1-1 sessions with a Certified Trainer.

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