Date(s) - April 12 - 2014 until April 13 - 2014
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Haggler's Corner


Empathy creates connection and strengthens existing relationships.

People who get heard are more likely to listen.

When we are able to engage with our own inner-talk compassionately, we become more centred and better able to make decisions which contribute to life.

This training is designed for practicing skills learned in your NVC Foundation Training, PLUS developing further understanding and skills in the area of empathy.

On this training you will be able to:

• Review and practice the basic ingredients of NVC.
• Share the ups and downs of applying NVC in your life.
• Learn the Self-Empathy Dance Floor
• Discover the healing power of presence.
• Connect empathically with yourself and others.
• Build an experientially understanding of the connection between self-empathy and empathy.
• Be able to self-empathize in challenging situations.
• Be able to hear the needs behind challenging messages.
• Extend your skills and understanding of the 13 StepDance Floors.

Pricing Details: Individuals £170, Sole traders £245, Public/Private sector organisations £280/£380 For a booking form contact:

Email for a booking form.

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