Date(s) - December 8 - 2018 until December 9 - 2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Brownlow House


A New Approach to Anger
Learn to express anger fully without blame, attack or threat
Practise receiving anger in ways that increase safety, respect and understanding
Discover how to work with anger you direct at yourself
Renew and improve the skills learnt in the Foundation Training

Deepening the Foundation
These intermediary trainings are designed for practising skills learned in the Foundation Training, plus developing further skills and understanding in the areas of conflict, anger, empathy and working through depression. Each training stands on its own, and they are designed for attendance in any order. Feedback from people who are developing fluency in NVC tells us that participants find it enriching to attend all four.
Review and practise the basic ingredients of NVC
Shares the experiences you’ve had applying NVC in your life
Go further with the NVC “dance floors” if you enjoy using these learning tools

Preparation: Completion of Foundation Training

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