Foundation Courses are suitable for beginners.
Deepening Trainings are for those who have completed a Foundation Course.
Fluency Trainings are suitable for those who have done the Foundation Training and at least one Deepening Training.

For further details of courses listed, click on available links, contact the Organiser shown, or contact us. More details about the different types of training courses are given here.


Date Topic Category Location Contact
February 24 - 2024 until February 25 - 2024 Transforming Anger (Level 2) Building Fluency Brownlow House, Oxford, Oxford Laura
March 23 - 2024 until March 24 - 2024 Foundation Training Foundation Courses Brownlow House, Oxford Laura
April 27 - 2024 until April 28 - 2024 Practising Empathy for Self & Others - Deepening the Foundation Building Fluency Brownlow House, Oxford Laura
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