The following quotations are from people who have attended courses in Nonviolent Communication run by Laura Harvey:

Thank you so much for an excellent two days. For the first time in our lives, my husband and I felt that we had started to understanding ourselves and each other. It has made such a difference already – I was sorely tested by our two daughters the night we got home, but was able to handle the situation calmly and effectively. It was great.

Connecting with Children & Young People Participant

The course we did with you was so great. You are such a skilful facilitator. I was totally blown away by your skills in managing a relatively large and diverse group with some big feelings and needs going on, and as inspired by you personally as I was by the material.  We continue to use NVC every day as a couple are finding great results already. Conversations we couldn’t go near before are starting to feel easier. It’s so nice to be able to just listen, and be heard.

Deepening the Foundation Participant

“I’ve been meaning to write and thank you for putting on a wonderful workshop. The quality of your attention, facilitation and teaching is superb and heartfelt. I really learnt a lot about the way I communicate and how to listen in a different way. I felt that it was a blessing to spend intimate time with all of the people in the group. I found it humbling and I learned a lot from everyone. The weekend was tiring but worth every minute and penny. I hope to join you for a deepening workshop one day. Thank you again.”

Foundation Participant

“It has been a privilege to watch Laura manifest NVC so fluently and expertly in real time, and to benefit from her highly skilled level of teaching.”
Excerpt from article in Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal by Suzanne Adey, course participant
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I feel hopeful. This weekend has restored my faith.

University lecturer, following a Foundation Training

“I found Laura a tremendously helpful teacher who embodied the values of NVC and also inspired me to become more fluent in its practice.”
Deepening the Foundation Participant

“This course has something to offer everyone from the raw volunteer to the most practiced diplomat”
Social inclusion Co-ordinator, Weardale

These tools seem to be simple and laser like. I’ve seen NVC working and helping to diffuse difficulties between people.

Foundation Participant

I feel like a new person. For two days I’ve lived without judgement – I think for the first time in my life.

Foundation Participant

” I just wanted to let you know that I had the most fabulous time with you and the group doing the NVC Foundation Course.  I really appreciated your tremendous skill and wisdom as a teacher and your humour and gentleness.  I’d been through a rough time over the past couple of months which had put a strain on my usually happy relationship.  The next morning after I arrived home my partner said with a big smile on his face ‘Not only have you come home from Oxford, you’ve come home within yourself’; and that is exactly how I felt.  Something very deep was touched in me by your training, deeper than anything I’ve experienced before and I can’t explain it. NVC has to be the most intelligent thing I’ve come across in decades. I’m so excited about beginning to learn it and looking forward to the next training.”
Counsellor and course participant

“Even better than I imagined!”
Foundation Training participant

“A top quality learning experience”
Member of Conflict Resolution Network Management Committee

“There are courses where I’m impressed by the content. There are courses where I’m impressed by the quality of the facilitation. This course has both. Laura’s ability to explain the theory, and then model it, with a quality of care and fun was incredibly helpful”
Co-ordinator, Regional Conflict Resolution Network

“I left elevated.It was as if this course was the piece that was missing to enable me to communicate effectively with others. I will use it personally and professionally.”
Organisational training participant

This is essential for conflict and mediation work but also very useful for day-to-day work, office politics and domestic scenarios!
Laura checked in regularly with people around physical needs/comfort etc and she didn’t force people to engage but let people come forward as they were ready. An excellent trainer with excellent training skills. Laura was a joy to work with. Very understandable and clear. Very engaging and personable.
The best two days at work I’ve had in a long time.
Organisational training participant

Clearly articulated models and frameworks, supported time to learn and develop, challenge and feedback
Community training participant

I’ve a thirst to learn more.
Foundation Training participant

I was comfortable and connected throughout the two days. The content challenged me positively and constructively and I really appreciated the skill of the trainer in setting up and holding a safe space to work in.
Organisational training participant

I learn by listening and doing and the course integrated these elements. The material is complex yet accessible, and gave me skills in communication and empathy which are essential in increasing my effectiveness as I work with young people and their families.
Community training participant

The activities were varied and colourful. Each session was a comfortable length to remain focused. There was a relaxed, open atmosphere of trust. I’m hugely keen to go further with my NVC learning and to integrate it into my everyday life.
Foundation Training participant

Laura’s calmness, active listening and affirmation was powerful. She encouraged contributions from many and then valued them. The course helped me recognise my power in every communication, and encouraged reflection on how I can ultimately be more satisfied with every interaction.
Foundation Training participant

“I’ve been promising myself this course for about 5 years, and it’s a real gift.”
Foundation Training participant

“Thank you! This has changed my life so much, so quickly. I am very grateful to have been at your course. It all makes so much sense. I am still feeling relieved. It’s like being given the holy grail!”
Foundation Training participant

“I’ve had more Eureka moments here than any other course I’ve been on.”
Foundation Training participant

Great in terms of focus and the opportunity to practice skills
Probation officer

“The trainer was able to clarify and highlight key learning points at just the appropriate time.”
Foundation Training participant

“I wish this was taught at every school in the country.”
Probation worker

“The trainer often provided a simple suggestion which took us all on – and usually with a lovely touch of humour which acknowledged what had happened and kept it light. She also demonstrated the use of NVC with clarity and simplicity.”
Participant in “Transforming Conflict”, a Deepening the Foundation Training

“Fantastic. Real life changing stuff for us both. We’re still talking about it loads now and have used it in our lives, with good (if shaky) affect! My kids have responded really well – the simplicity and lack of manipulation in the communications has relaxed them. I’m feeling like a great mum, not perfect but great!”
Foundation Training Participant

“I’ve just had the longest, easiest and most connected conversation with my partner that I’ve had in months. Empathy rocks! Thank you so much again.”
Foundation Training Participant

“I feel empowered to greater self-acceptance and authenticity.”
Recipient of one-to one work

“My needs for learning, understanding, connection and fun were met.”
Participant in demonstration dialogue

“The training helped me to be more honest with myself. Laura’s application of NVC both within and particularly outside the structured exercises helped to reveal the power of NVC and the ways it may be usefully employed.”
Participant on Foundation Training

“The trainer presented the materials at a gentle and considered pace that helped me feel safe and attentive as a learner.”
Participant on Foundation Training

“Thank you for your expertise and dedication to our course. We have all thoroughly appreciated the value of it. So often we sit through stuff we gain little from. This was a real learning opportunity.”
Public sector client

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