Date(s) - April 14 - 2014
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Haggler's Corner


A chance to:

• Explore the power of inner judgements
• Cultivate the skills of deep self-empathy
• Access coaching to enable you to select the most effective NVC dance floors to
support your inner process
• Work with an “inner-jackals dance floor” to better understand the triggers and
roots of self-judgement
• Transform “ugly” pain into something sweeter
• Access support to use NVC with powerful and painful emotions
• Renew and improve the skills learnt in the Foundation, Empathy, Anger and
Depression Trainings

Flows well after the Empathy Deepening (12-13 April, Sheffield)
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

Pricing Details: Individuals £80, Sole traders £115, Public sector organisations £135, Private sector organisations £200. for a booking form or more information.

Preferred preparation: Completion of Foundation Training and a Deepening/ the Living NVC Module/ or a number of 1-1 sessions with a Certified Trainer.

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