Date(s) - October 1 - 2019 until December 1 - 2019
12:00 am

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Living NVC fluency building group

Would you like a sustained opportunity to build your NVC fluency and think through the implications of NVC in your choices day by day?

Join a series of facilitated daytime or evening sessions designed to help participants integrate NVC into their daily lives with authenticity and confidence. An opportunity to practise, learn and dialogue with a consistent peer group. Our experience of this way of working is that it builds a trusted and rich learning community for those wanting to integrate colloquial NVC into their homes, work and vision.

We will have five facilitated online gatherings spread over two months, with optional participation in the intermediary Anger and Empathy Deepening the Foundation Trainings planned for late October and early December. These two weekends will give those group members who are keen to, an opportunity to meet in person, and relax in the peaceful surroundings of our retreat centre.

Previous Living NVC content has included building group skills, cultivating inner resources, making conscious choices, leadership, giving feedback without criticism, handling emotional charge, learning from our mistakes without losing self-respect and an introduction to collaborative decision making.

Our learning foci is flexible and can respond to this particular group’s areas of interest. The small group size will allow us to be responsive to the learning needs of a group with a deepening shared awareness. I imagine also responding to live examples, supporting fluency around key NVC differentiations and deepening the group’s understanding and experience of interdependence and the “power with” paradigm.

What participants from previous Living NVC groups say:

“It felt very real and embodied in terms of learning – we weren’t just talking about theory, often we’d bring events from that day or week into the room and look at how NVC could support us.  It was an incredibly affirming experience.”

“Our group was small, and friendly, and I remember our meetings in the autumn of last year with pleasure and affection, as a safe place to practise vulnerability, express needs and reflect on how we might use NVC in our personal and work lives.  It has left me with an appetite for learning much more NVC in the coming years!”

We will agree on five dates together as the groups form –  availabilities are held with care. I will add options based on the current availability of those signing up.

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