Living NVC – Online fluency building group

Date(s) - May 10 - 2021 until July 19 - 2021
10:15 am - 12:00 pm


An intentional start to the week:

Living NVC, Mondays 10.30-12 noon, May-June (with flexibility to early July) 2021

This group offers a sustained opportunity to build your NVC fluency and find ways to embody Nonviolent Communication principles in your day to day living. It’s a place to practise, experiment and dialogue with a consistent peer group, and to find support for growth and increased confidence that we can align our daily lives with insights gained from NVC principles.

Our experience of this way of working is that it builds a trusted and rich learning community for those wanting to integrate colloquial NVC into their homes, work and vision.

What previous groups say:

“It felt very real and embodied in terms of learning – we weren’t just talking about theory, often we’d bring events from that day or week into the room and look at how NVC could support us. It was an incredibly affirming experience.”

“Our group was small, and friendly, and I remember our meetings in the autumn of last year with pleasure and affection, as a safe place to practise vulnerability, express needs and reflect on how we might use NVC in our personal and work lives.  It has left me with an appetite for learning much more NVC in the coming years!”

I will seek to hold an online shared space which offers authenticity, acceptance, and responsive support, enabling us to engage comfortably with new learning, present-tense challenges and the longing for increased fluency and ease.

We will likely meet fortnightly on Mondays through May, June and possibly early July if this serves the group which forms (see note below).

Online, with openness to creating a second, in-person group, for those within travelling distance of Oxford, – government guidelines permitting.

90 minutes, with short movement breaks and pauses for digestion.

As with previous Living NVC groups there is some flexibility to be responsive to requests, and our final dates will aim and times to best reflect the preferences of the individuals who join.

To book or ask any unanswered questions: email

A bit of background 

Previous  Living NVC  content has included building group skills, cultivating inner resources, making conscious choices,  giving feedback without criticism, handling emotional charge, learning from our mistakes without losing self-respect, building our resilience in challenging situations, and choosing when and how to step into leadership.

Our learning foci is flexible and can respond to each group’s areas of interest. The limited number of places will allow us to be responsive to the learning needs of a group with a deepening shared awareness. I imagine also responding to live examples, supporting fluency around key NVC differentiations and deepening the group’s understanding and experience of interdependence and the “power with” paradigm.

  • Integrating– fresh insights, practice and steps to fluency
  • Principle based NVC learning
  • Restorative conversations
  • Enquiry processes


Exhausted? Confused? Facing a big decision? Burnt out? Stuck? Excited? Eager to learn new skills?

  • Be held in an environment of acceptance and openness
  • Experience your needs mattering
  • Receive empathic support – if you need to be heard without judgement for whatever you’re carrying or celebrating


A group like this is one which is ideal for internalising the principles of NVC, increasing your personal, colloquial capacity, and honing the skills you most want to use in “real” life.

Whether your particular frontline is a professional work place, a time-poor family, a vulnerable community, or action for urgent social change, there will be practices, input, approaches and experiential opportunities that will support you to show up the way you most want to.

The content will also combine well with those using a systemic lens, building regenerative systems, serving as activists (particular in nonviolent social action groups such as XR) and looking for tools, inspiration and solidarity to walk their talk.

I hope this offering, is one which will resource your internal clarity and connection, as well as empower and enhance your  interactions with others.

Logistical information and access criteria:

Training contributions to support sustainability

£195 for individuals (negotiable for those prevented from coming by cost)
£250 for people who are sole traders or voluntary organisations
£295 for people paid for by public sector organisations
£375 for private sector organisations

Installment and bursary options available.

Minimum preparation: completion of a two day Foundation Training with a CNVC certified practitioner 

To book or ask any unanswered questions: email

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