“When I remember Laura’s presence at an advanced training, I feel confident and safe, and trust her ability to stay actively focused on the group process and to self-empathise effectively without being overwhelmed, in order to stay emotionally present.”

Participant in advanced training

“The trainer created opportunities for questions and clarifications that brought illumination to the learning process. Her enthusiasm for her own personal NVC journey was infectious and enabled her originality to shine through. She was an effective and sensitive leader during the small group work .She was open and inclusive in her interactions with people and supportive in their learning process. She answered my (provocative) questions with patience, intelligence and empathy.”

Participant on Foundation Training

“I found the trainer’s contribution really helpful to me personally and to the atmosphere of the workshop as a whole. In helping me to work through a difficult conflict, her great skill was to make sure that I got the corrections I needed without intervening so much that I lost the flow of what I was doing and the energy to carry on with an emotionally charged interaction. I know how hard this must be for the trainer because I have had experience with others who haven’t managed to get the balance right. I was really grateful to Laura for her skilled help which enabled me to learn a lot about NVC and to get through to a sufficiently satisfying conclusion of the issue in question.”

Participant using Dance Floor technology

“I feel significantly more prepared for ever encountering Auntie Hilda again!” 

Participant on Deepening the Foundation: NVC and Anger

“The Foundation Training was very helpful in showing me how to listen effectively to another person’s needs and how to understand another persons’ perspective.”

NHS employee, in house training

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